Friday, September 16, 2011


With my feet wrapped in peace.

Though I'm distant in word, I am not distant in heart, dear blog. Something wonderful has happened and now I watch the past few weeks replay in front of my eyes as if a movie were on repeat in my head. Almost as though I hadn't lived it myself, but were walking through a dream. And I'm still walking in the dream.

In short, I'm on my way to Alabama to devote my life to the Lord's work, for the vision He placed in my heart, He has allowed me to accept.

I still feel as though I'm dreaming, and for the most part I'm walking in perfect peace. It's not as painful as it should be, leaving a lifetime behind for a new one, because He walks ahead of me. It doesn't hurt like I thought it would. The dream is keeping the peace of the one who dreams. It almost feels as though I could stab myself right through the heart, and I would only bear a dull aching of a pain, somewhere outside of myself. For He is dwelling within, softening the loss, with the gain of the cross. There is no sacrifice in Love. Only life.