Sunday, April 18, 2010

Social Justice

A brief thought on a consistent theme.

When I read fiction of fantastic and radical tragedy, it is not for those stories that I am touched, but for the forgotten people living in this world who may not have a means for which their stories to be told. For the people in their chains, in their prisons, who don’t know that the door is already open. Drowning in alcohol, making beds in manipulation; Only stepping as deep as a dried up creek.

Unending love awaits you. Why are you still searching? Your future holds redemption. There's mercy awaiting you. There's infinite grace in His heart. There's more to life than choosing death. I cry for those who need tears. I pray for those who need prayer. Let us speak to those who need to hear. For the ones in bondage, for the ones held captive. We are the hands and the feet. We are vessels of the Holy Spirit.