Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's funny and tragic all at once upon realizing that the fire in the heart of your hearts has grown dim. And all the while you know the heart of your King will not be satisfied until he sets all that should burn a kindle until it catches and never burns out. I've been resting on kindle for too long. Falling custom to the routine of life as man might know it, but not life through the eyes of Christ. Awake oh my heart, he whispered sweetly to me.

All this time i had succeeded in convincing myself that the Lord should not want to rest His presence by a fire made of kindling. The fire of wood stubble and hay long put out, only ashes remain. Until the cold air February blows reminded me of His jealousy even for a heart such as mine. The ashes are not in vain, for the beauty He causes to rise from the sacrifice are of a fragrant offering unto Himself.

He offers me rubies and gems, the precious stones that will never burn dim.