Monday, July 25, 2011


It says Nelson on his drivers license and it expired 12 years ago.

He says the picture is a reflection of his soul

He makes his bed on the bottom of a rotting crate, he stumbles in and out of it most days.

He makes his idols out of cigarettes and beer.

He’s a long way from here, oh a long way from here.

He’s been crying for deliverance but couldn’t hear through all the noise

He’s been lost for so long, and his lovers were only decoys.

Oh Nelson my brother the ground you stumble on is new

You can’t see it yet but He’s fighting for you.

The world hates you, and oh how you thirst.

But isn't there One it hated first?

Your feet don’t move well from infection and abuse

you’ve been walking, for a while questioning their use.

You’ve passed the same rock a hundred times before

The cornerstone stands and knocks at your door.

There’s a well beyond the stone

And there's a flute that calls you home.

You feel your heart beat wild to the tune of it's allure.

Your lungs ran out of air and your alive but your not sure

The voices now are silenced and you hear the sweetest lion roar.

You stumble forward wondering how you never heard before

You drop your bottle now, I see hope rising up inside

Your breathless lungs breathe life for the first time.

Your feet begin moving faster than they ever have before.

You run until you reach the water rejected by the world

He’s waiting there with a cup of gold to give to you to hold.

The water purifies your feet and fills your hungry soul.

He draws from the well and pours it out now, He uses it to wash your feet.

“I love you precious friend.” He says. “Take up your cross and follow me.”