Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Love. L O V E. It seems an effortless word. Without it, it was all for nothing. Without it, His death was in vain. Without it, we are all dead.

There is a battle ongoing right now. And while we are unable to see it raging, some may feel its effects rippling through the atmosphere. Some are able to recognize its evidence thundering among the lives of the living (or... dying).

Read Revelations. Or don’t. But I recently had a revelation myself.

It stunned me to the point of disbelief (almost). Had I really never understood? The battle, this fight between good and evil. The ultimate victory of the Light against the darkness. What is it all for? Angels fighting among their fallen. Healings and miracles that followed when the world lost a Messiah but gained a Savior. There must be a reason. And something I had known all along occurred to me, only I never really knew.


It is all because He LOVES us.

L O V E. This is what it’s all about. See, this love, it can heal brokenness. Love will atone for sin. See, this love, it can deliver a nation. This love is designed from its very nature to bring sanctification to its beholders at its appropriate time. And this love is made for saving a people.

How I wish to convey the love of my Jesus, oh, that the reason for God’s atonement may never be in vain, LOVE. I pray for an uncommon love that unbelievers may find and ask, what is this?

Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins. - 1 Peter 3:8.

Love has covered my sins. I will never be able to repay what has been done for me, but I will die trying (and loving).

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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Some days feel strange to me. Like heaven is screaming and earth is shaking and I am called just to be. To be? To be what? To walk through this day in the reality that faces me, when my reality rests somewhere else. My reality is in the spirit with God. Is it wrong to long for it all the hours of my day? How am I supposed to rest in my reality everyday when I know that I am meant for more. So heaven is screaming and earth is shaking today, and why can't anyone else feel it? Why.

What makes today strange? I am unsure. But there is a lingering heaviness. What makes my life's purpose without consequence? I am meant for more. And I know that God is training me but I am ready to fight. FIGHT. And it is my hearts desire to be used to my full potential by my Lord.

I want nothing more than God's will. All my desires must leave me so that the desires of my Lord will fill me. Then they will become mine.

I had a vision of an army. We are in battle, our spirits. Raising up and marching forth surrounded by skeletons of destruction. I wanted to be on the front lines. I wanted to be fighting. I made my plea. Let me stand first. Let me fight hardest. Let me be a mighty warrior. But then I saw myself somewhere lost in a platoon of wounded warriors. No weapon in hand, but I was kneeling, and helping the wounded back to their feet. I was pouring out His love that they may rise up and continue the fight, continue marching forth. That was my place among the people of God. We all have different duties to perform in the battle, but we must stand in mutual affection and one purpose; for the expansion of His glory and of the Kingdom of God.